Kev Recording DeskGlory Studios is owned by Kevin and Nancy Taylor and has been operating since 2019. Prior to that, Kevin taught guitar lessons in a studio at Guitar Nuts Music Shop in Bancroft for almost 20 years. During this time, Kevin also owned a marketing firm called Infinity Imaging that provided graphic design, printing, web design, signs, etc. 

Kevin no longer operates Infinity, and is focused completely on music education, recording and production. When COVID 19 came along, Kevin moved all of his students to Glory Studios, some being taught online, some in person when rules allowed. 

Prior to moving north from S.W. Ontario, Kevin was a record producer for 15 years in his larger studio, Art-Tec. Over the years, he produced hundreds of projects, from complete albums, to song-writer demos and radio jingles. His recording and production experience are proving to be invaluable now as he dives back into music production.