Production InstructionOne of the areas of music that we encourage all of our students to dive into is Music Production. This involves learning computer software, audio hardware such as interfaces, microphones and recording techniques. This education is available through private instruction, and has also been available through workshops at Glory Studios, but we'll have to wait a bit longer through this pandemic before we can resume multiple person workshops.

The cost of recording equipment has plummeted over the past few years and now, everyone can have recording tools to go along with their existing computer for the price of an audio interface. Kevin teaches and suggests using Cakewalk by Bandlab. This used to be a very expensive program and is now 'free'. There is more to music production than just software though. There are so many tricks, tips and techniques to learn when compiling instruments together to create a professional sounding recording. In Music Production, students learn about recording initial (ghost) tracks, layering other instruments, programming drum patterns, using specific microphones for specific purposes or instruments. 

Through this instruction, students will learn how to produce and record songs in a professional studio, but also in their home set up. This form of education is rarely available without going to a college or university.