Gioia Microphone WorkshopAlthough Glory Studios' primary focus is on education, we still dive into music recording, song production and mixing sound. We have all the tools to do a multi-track recording session of a band, (that's each instrument on a separate track).

band recordingWith many, many years of experience as a record producer and recording engineer, you can entrust your final product to sound great. Even if it's a 'live-off-the-floor' performance, the use of quality microphones and recording equipment allows for clear and pleasant recording.

Many of the projects produced here are Kevin's recordings of Contemporary Christian Music, but others have come in, and are welcome to book some time at a very reasonable $50 per hour. Other audio recording projects include voice-overs, dramatic readings and remote on-location recordings of Church services or performances.

audio editingOur sound editing and enhancement capablities are quite endless using professional software. Of course, Kevin's experience really comes through in this process.

If you'd like to do a recording project, please contact us and we'd be pleased to invite you for a visit and a tour before commiting to the project. Glory Studios reserves the right to not work on any projects that are contradictory to our faith as Christians. Basically, no Satanic or anti-God type music... ;)