studio consultationKevin has consulted many people on home studio recording equipment, software and instruments. From simple set ups to complete recording studios, he will make sure that you don't over-spend and you buy the equipment that is best suited for the requirements. There are many products out there now including audio interfaces, microphones, speakers, music keyboards and computer systems that are quite affordable. He has used these products as well, which really helps when support is needed. 

If you need help in purchasing equipment or even controlling the sound in your room, Kevin would love to give you some direction. Kevin encourages the use of software and computers for music throughout the lessons he gives for guitar. All of his students experience recording, working with loops of music and playing with computer drummers. Through this process, students are encouraged to 'create' and be creative. With a system at home and some inexpensive tools, students can have the same fun there as they do at their lessons. 

studio consultation 2

Kevin tries to encourage people to buy locally at Guitar Nuts, however some items are just not available there, so he might recommend a couple of other trusted vendors. He doesn't make any money from the equipment, but occasionally will charge for consultation. Private lessons on Music Production and Recording are available to adults and youth.