Kevin Classical Guitar Lessons 1Although Kevin has been teaching guitar lessons for over 20 years (mostly out of Guitar Nuts), it was only in 2019 that he decided to learn how to play finger-style classical guitar. It was his hope that he could interest some of his existing students to add this style to their current picking style. He was pleasantly surprised when several students took to it, some even moving completely to Classical guitar, others adding an extra lesson slot each week to learn both. Since his existing students had been taught how to read music, it was just a matter of some right hand training. Of course there is also a lot more music theory invloved and a real 'taste' for the style. Many of his students that have moved in this direction claim it is easier to have a song sound like a complete song, even the first time through it. One of the main differences between Classical and Picking (Plectrum) style is that there are two parts being played at once. There is a bass line and a melody line, so the music sounds complex, even if it's not that complex to play. That said, Kevin's students have been driving him forward. Kevin and his students started in the Primary Level of RCM Classical Guitar (Royal Conservatory of Music), and several of his students are now in level 4, which is actually book 5. Kevin is trying to keep ahead of them, but as you can see from some of the student videos here, some of his students are getting really good, really fast. :)