kev teachingThe primary focus of Glory Studios is in the teaching of guitar. For over 20 yrs, Kevin Taylor has been teaching guitar lessons in the Bancroft area, and continues to teach a full schedule of adults and children. Not all lessons look the same. All have one common denominator though, and that is the insistence of learning music theory and reading musical notation. Yes, TAB and playing by ear and general chord strumming is included, but without the structure and understanding of music theory, students would only be 'guitarists'. We really want all of our students to be 'musicians'. 

Guitar lessons are private between Kevin and the students, but it is strongly recommended that adults hang out during lessons of children. Lessons are 1/2 hour long, with the exception of some advanced or classical guitar students that are taking hour long lessons. 

online lessonsOur rates for lessons are $25 per half hour, paid at the start of each month. This is a commitment for the students and we appreciate that, and especially appreciate those that have been with Kevin for many years. That is the case with most of the students at Glory. Lessons are not designed to just come for a few, learn a few chords and that's it. Really, most students stay for multipe years. There is always more to learn. Often, guitar students will become bass guitar students, or recording and music production students.

Online lessons are also available, but difficult without the first few in person lessons. This allow for situations when students can't come to the studio but can still take their lessons. These are available using FaceBook Messenger, FaceTime or Skype.